Jan 092012
TACE 2 Website Usability Survey

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CRS Needs Assessment Survey

The Region 2 TACE Center is housed within the Center on Rehabilitation Synergy (CRS). You can shape the face of CRS and its services by dedicating just five minutes of your time to the needs assessment survey.


    I Am Not Supposed To Be Here (A Story of Love, Miracles and Never Giving Up)
    – Kate Dendrinos-Rickel, Shawn Rickel and Steve Marsh

    A traumabook cover imagetic brain injury (TBI) sustained in a motorcycle accident left Kate Dendrinos-Rickel close to death. Doctors were convinced that if she did live, she would never talk or walk again. Only three months later, Kate was doing both…

    Purchase the Book?: Our Book | Shawn and Kate Rickel



    The Spotter Club Brochure

    The SPOTTER CLUB is designed to reduce your need to bend down and strain, kneel while at the driving range or on the golf course. At the driving range, you can scoop a ball directly from the bucket of golf balls and place the ball on the tee. While on the golf course you can set your tee and place the ball on the tee without bending down. After striking that putt, the SPOTTER CLUB ball saddle attachment can scoop the ball directly from the cup, while standing at a full erect position. This product is great for golfers who have from back pain, arthritis or other physical disabilities.

    For more information, please click here to download the brochure.